Toner Prize Entries of 2015 Coverage Now Closed | Entries ended Jan. 18, 2016

Newhouse School - Syracuse University
Robin Toner

Honoring the Life and Work of a "Reporter's Reporter"

The Robin Toner Program in Political Reporting is designed to keep alive the flame of quality, fact-based political journalism that Robin Toner, the late national political correspondent of The New York Times, so cherished and at which she excelled – coverage that illuminates the electoral process, reveals the politics of policy and engages the public in democracy.

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Adam Clymer
The New York Times

John Dickerson
Slate/CBS News

Linda Greenhouse
Yale Law School
The New York Times

John Harris

Gwen Ifill
PBS NewsHour
Washington Week

Andrea Mitchell
NBC News

Todd Purdum
Vanity Fair

Bob Schieffer
CBS News

Mark Shields
Syndicated Columnist

Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr.
The New York Times

Karen Tumulty
The Washington Post

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Gwen Ifill

Melanie Hicken

Bill Kovach

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The Toner Program was created by and is sustained by:

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John Chapple